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This wikiHow teaches you how to create basic memes online. Every successful meme is: easy to replicate, relatable, shareable, and funny, clever or witty. Internet-based content can now easily interact with other media (e.g., CD-ROMs) and with non-PC platforms (PDA's, mobile phones). It includes a gallery of images or you can bring your own images to meme.

After the success of the application Vine , a new format of memes was created in the form of short videos and scripted sketches. While some companies have managed to use memes to inject new energy in their brands, not all who have ventured in meme-territory have come back victorious.

Most commonly, people use the generator to add text captions to established memes , so technically it's more of a meme "captioner" than a meme maker. In this article, we'll cover who (sort of) invented memes, why we continue to allow them to rule the internet, and how you can create the next viral sensation using Contentful.

An Internet meme may stay the same or may evolve over time, by chance or through commentary, imitations, parody , or by incorporating news accounts about itself. If you enjoy photography, then creating your own photos for content is a great way to incorporate your hobby into your marketing.

Teachers can create memes as a simple way to start the lesson with a laugh or ask the class to analyze the message. As memes rise in popularity, brands grow keener on capitalizing on their pervasiveness and charm. You can also upload your own photo to meme by clicking Upload your own image in the upper-right corner of the page, meme review clicking Upload image from your device, selecting an image, clicking Open, and clicking Upload.

But memes have become an essential part of Internet culture and, if you get the tone and image just right, you could be the next viral star. Microsoft Paint is widely used for dank memes on Windows computers—in fact, Microsoft Paint is a bit of a dank meme in and of itself—but Mac users will most likely have to use a service such as Pixlr (an online photo-editing program).

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